How to Buy

Neptune’s Nor’easter is available for purchase on

Neptune’s Nor’easter is available on Amazon as both a Paperback and as a Kindle ebook. To go directly to the Amazon page for Neptune’s Nor’easter click here.

New Bedford and Fairhaven, Massachusetts

If you are in the Greater New Bedford area and you are interested in purchasing the paperback version of Neptune’s Nor’easter you have two choices;

In New Bedford: The Fishing Heritage Center, 38 Bethel Street (near the Whaling Museum)

In Fairhaven: Euro Ship Store, 2 Middle Street, or Euro-Phoenix Store, 24 Center Street.

OR, Third Choice;

Buy it from Lily the white Golden Retriever

If you don’t like Amazon, or you find their website too big and confusing, and you are not in the Greater New Bedford area, you have a third choice to purchase the paperback version of Neptune’s Nor’easter. That choice is to purchase it directly from me, and my dog Lily. Both Lily and I are not getting any younger, so we are not as fast as Amazon, but we will get your book to you as directly as we can. You can order and pay with a credit card below, which works through PayPal.

Neptune’s Nor’easter the Book

This is the paperback version of this 286-page book. The book is 8.5 inches wide and 11.5 inches long. Currently Lily accepts payment via PayPal (Visa, Master Card, Amex, or Discover). Just click on the button and it will walk you through the process.