Chasing Swordfish – Beware!

The following is an excerpt from the book Neptune’s Nor’easter;

My father loved to go swordfishing in the summer months, and I always thought that to him, harpooning swordfish was as close as he could come to having fun while fishing. Swordfish are a predatory fish, they hunt and eat smaller fish, and they are fighters. They fear no other fish in the sea. Fishermen have a high level of respect for swordfish because whether they are aware of it, or not, they both share some of the same traits. Fishermen are predators, they hunt and catch fish, and they will fight. They fear no fish in the sea, nor any other man on the sea. In some ways, fishermen have more in common with Mr. Swordfish, than he does with Mr. Smith, his next-door neighbor, at home.

The scientific name for swordfish is Xiphias Gladius, the Gladiator of the Sea. This is a fighting fish, and they will attack anything; big boats, small boats, any fish they come across, and humans if they decide you are a threat or a nuisance.

The following is a clip from a television fishing show. These gentlemen are fishing for swordfish in the Florida Keys with rod and reel. They are annoying the Gladiator and he’s watching.

Swordfish Eye

Click on the link below and watch this crazy fighting swordfish attack a cameraman in the water. This attack occurs at the 18-minute mark of the video.

Crazy Swordfish

The Gladiator

Swordfish image

One thought on “Chasing Swordfish – Beware!

  1. I swordfished with my father Capt Louis A.Doucette from 1946 to 1952 . Harpooning from the swordfish stand feeding out the hard Manila line 6 thread , Wooden Keg for float , hauling from wooden 14’ down east dory always leaking, steel plate under man hauling ,tole pins for oar locks .wire basket for the line , ripper close by for cutting the line to save your life. Brass horn to blow in case your lost in the fog..tail strap to get that tail (propeller ) out of water..and lift it on to the boat ,cotton gloves .
    Sharks cruising around the dory wanting to get a chunk of that bleeding swordfish . 50 to 150 ++ fathoms of water under the dory..
    At 15 years old going with another man to learn how …at 16 years old Dad put me in the dory alone…..That’s how the Capt treated everyone especially me I was just another man to him but he bragged about me later . He was tough and loved swordfishing.scalloping , dragging and a master navigator…My Captain ! My Dad ❤️ Love , Al

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